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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is rapidly growing in the field of ABA-based behavioral therapy and improves access to care for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities. Telehealth is as simple as using a tablet or computer to connect face-to-face with your ABA service providers, similar to how you may chat with family or friends who may live out-of-town.

Telehealth is especially useful during the COVID-19 crisis because it helps maintain continuity of care for your child – which is essential to the success of your child’s ABA-based behavioral therapy program – while maximizing social and physical distancing in your home. The approach is also useful for those who live in a more isolated community or in an area where there is a shortage of skilled clinicians available to deliver these essential services in your home.

Services Available Via Telehealth

Requesting Telehealth Services

Requesting telehealth services is simple. Please email or call us at 833.227.3454 to start the process. Our telehealth specialists will assist you.

Telehealth for Functional Behavioral Assessments

The Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is the first step that is taken to begin addressing your child’s challenging behaviors. The assessment can be scheduled upon recommendation of your primary care physician, psychologist or school counselor who believes an FBA is appropriate for your child.

The FBA is conducted by a Clinical Supervisor and involves an in-depth evaluation to understand your child’s behaviors and what may be causing or contributing to them. The FBA is often conducted in your home or in one of our behavioral health treatment centers or this assessment can also be conducted via telehealth.

Telehealth for Supervision

When using telehealth for a supervisory visit, your Behavior Interventionist (BI) still visits your home and conducts your child’s session face-to-face. But instead of coming in person, the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) participates by providing direction from a distant site – video conferencing or teleconferencing into the session using a computer or other mobile device. This approach increases access to the BCBA, maintains treatment goals and outcomes, maintains coordination of care, and expands your child’s access to services.

Telehealth for Parent Training | Parent Coaching

Parent training delivered via telehealth offers a flexible format for providing support when you need it most. Working around your schedule, clinicians can provide support to address your child’s challenging behaviors and skill deficits across various settings and different times. Telehealth parent training is effective in enhancing skills and techniques through live observation and feedback.

Telehealth for Direct Care

When using telehealth for direct care, your Behavior Interventionist (BI) conducts your child’s behavior therapy sessions from a distant site – video conferencing in to your and your child’s computer or tablet vs. coming into your home to deliver care face-to-face. The Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) can also join sessions, as needed, to complete supervisory visits and ensure your child’s program is on track.

Telehealth for Social Skills Groups

Telehealth social skills groups help individuals function more effectively in social situations and cultivates skills needed to create positive interactions with others. Age-based groups are available for kids, preteens, teens and young adults, and each group provides an opportunity for your child to develop and practice their social skills with peers on a regular basis.

Social skills groups via telehealth allow clinicians to precisely match peers according to their skills and interest across 22 California Psychcare locations.

Steps Our Clinicians Take to Determine if Telehealth is Right for You
Telehealth services are not appropriate for every child or every household. Our clinicians will use a variety of assessments to determine if your child can effectively participate in telehealth sessions.

How Does a Telehealth-Based Visit Work?
Our clinicians will set up a telehealth orientation with you and review the schedule, available services and the structure of sessions based on your child’s individual needs.

Do You Have a Waitlist?
No. Our clinicians are ready to provide you with services immediately.

Who Pays for Care
We contract with most health plans and regional centers across California. Our Telehealth Department is ready to help you connect with your healthcare insurance provider or Regional Center to arrange for funding for services delivered via telehealth.

How Do I Request Telehealth Services if I am Receiving In-Home Services?
Contact your Clinical Supervisor or Program Coordinator to determine eligibility. If your child is eligible, they will work with your funding source to obtain an authorization for telehealth services.

Is My Privacy Protected?
We have experience providing telehealth-based behavioral therapy – and the protocols, procedures and technology that are proven effective and that maintain confidentiality and privacy are in place. Ensuring the privacy of our clients is our number one priority.

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Specialized Personal Assistance

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Specialized Personal Assistance

Specialized Personal Assistance is an enhanced service for individuals who have more challenging behaviors – like physical or verbal aggression, property destruction, self-injury, self-stimulation, or elopement – and therefore need more support than traditional in-home respite can provide. The service is appropriate for individuals of any age.

Our specialized personal assistance services fall into three categories:

Respite: A support service designed to provide parents and other primary caregivers with temporary relief from the constant care required by a family member with special needs. Respite is provided in the individual’s own home.

Daycare: Provides care to an individual in their home environment while the parents or other primary caregivers are working or attending an educational program.

Attendant Care: Provides an extra set of hands to individuals who need support completing their activities of daily living. This service can support a wide variety of needs and can be provided in the individual’s home, community environment, or in other facilities such as a group home. For individuals with severe behavioral needs, attendant care can be used as an extra layer of support for other services such as ABA-based behavioral therapy. This service is offered as 1:1 or 2:1.

Specialized personal assistance services can only be provided for the individual authorized for care. Sessions can be as short in duration as 2 hours, or services can be provided 24/7 depending on the needs of the individual. Prior to initiating care, a supervisor conducts an initial appointment to understand the needs of the specific individual and family and identifies care providers who are a good match. A supervisor is assigned to every specialized personal assistance case.

Our team of specialized personal assistance professionals are experienced and passionate about working with individuals who have developmental disabilities. All our care providers are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and collaborate with the individual’s ABA service provider to ensure consistency in implementation of the behavior treatment plan. In addition, all our care providers have passed a live scan clearance as validated by DOJ and FBI, maintain current CPR and First Aid certification, and are certified in Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention (NCPI).

Who Pays for Personal Assistance Services?

In the state of California, the local Regional Center will authorize and pay for appropriate and necessary services for any individual assessed and diagnosed with a developmental disability. The state defines developmental disability as “intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and other conditions similar to intellectual disability that require treatment similar to a person with intellectual disability.”

The state will pay for services for individuals at any income level as long as the need for services is demonstrated. The number of hours is dependent on each particular case or need but is typically 30 hours per month.

Parents and other primary caregivers can also receive specialized personal assistance services under a self-pay arrangement, paying for services directly as needed.

Other Options

Individuals who don’t require the more intensive level of support provided though our specialized personal assistance services can receive similar services through our Traditional In-Home Respite services.

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parent training

Parent Training – Individual

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Our parent training is focused on enhancing skills and techniques that can improve communication and cooperative behavior in individuals with autism and similar disorders. Offered in an individual’s home, in one of our behavioral health treatment centers, or via telehealth, this training provides an opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn and practice effective methods at home.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) / Behavioral Therapy – Home Based

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Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, refers to a variety of behavioral therapy treatment options that are based on the principles of behavior analysis. ABA uses scientifically-based techniques for understanding and changing behavior and is the most widely accepted approach to assess and intervene with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental challenges or delays. This type of therapy is conducted one-on-one, is customized for each person, and is appropriate for individuals of all ages.

Our program is designed to increase language and communication, improve attention and focus, and decrease problem behaviors. We build on each person’s interests and strengths using structured and fluid opportunities to facilitate learning. During ABA therapy, skills that are useful in everyday life are broken down into easy-to-learn steps, with positive reinforcement and goal-focused treatment that meets the unique needs of each individual. At its core, ABA therapy helps individuals function more effectively in their natural environments.

In ABA-based behavioral therapy, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) oversees treatment of the patient, with direct support typically provided in the home by a behavior interventionist (BI). The BCBA provides oversight through in-home supervisory visits with the BI.

Throughout the process, progress is measured to ensure the teaching approach is working. These routine assessments guide adjustments or modifications to the personalized treatment plan that may be necessary or appropriate to ensure continual progress toward goals. During supervisory visits, the BCBA works with the BI and the patient to ensure that the treatment plan is being followed and that the prescribed therapy is moving the patient forward.

Our home-based ABA services are delivered in the home. Services are also available via telehealth when appropriate. Sessions are scheduled to fit each family’s needs, preference and availability.

Who Pays for Care

In California, healthcare insurance companies – and the health plans they offer – are regulated by the state and are required to provide coverage for behavioral health services for individuals 21 years of age or under, including coverage for treatment of conditions such as autism.

This means that if your child or other family member has healthcare insurance through a health plan in California, your insurance provider should help you cover the costs for appropriate and necessary treatment for autism and other similar conditions. That’s the good news. But benefits and coverage can vary, and even if your health plan covers treatment for autism, you still need to explore and understand the details of the specific coverage you have. If you have healthcare coverage through your employer, through Covered California or through some other arrangement, it’s important that you contact your insurance provider before beginning treatment to ensure you fully understand the specific coverage provided by your health plan.

Depending on the patient’s age, diagnosis, geographical location or type of insurance coverage in place, care for your child may be available through your local regional center. Regional centers are affiliated with the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and in some cases can help coordinate access to state-funded behavioral therapy services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism and related conditions. To identify and contact your local Regional Center to determine if you qualify for state-funded services, visit

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Evaluation & Diagnostics

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Evaluation and diagnostics – also known as psychodiagnostics or comprehensive diagnostic evaluation (CDE) – is the first step necessary to diagnose and clarify concerns regarding behavior, personality traits, mood, emotional functioning, and cognitive processes.  These services are available through our preferred provider – Willowbrooks Behavioral Health.

The evaluation is always an individualized, comprehensive assessment and is designed to deliver a range of diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental or learning delays or disabilities, memory and concentration difficulties, or gifted / talented proclivities. Our testing is appropriate for individuals of all ages.

Once the evaluation and diagnostics process is complete, the findings are used to develop personalized treatment strategies and interventions.

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