Monterey Park


Vinicio Mansilla

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“Always be professional, everything we do is for the wellbeing of the client.”

Vinicio Mansilla is a consummate professional, who is accomplishing his vision of helping others in need, with a special dedication to supporting the needs of the Spanish-speaking community. Vinicio says, “With Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, we provide families with the tools to reach their full potential, function in their natural environments and community, and ultimately improve their quality of life.”

Vinicio’s career began as a behavioral therapist in 2005. Throughout his 13 years in the field, he’s had many roles including parent training, program coordinator, and staff coordinator. As a clinical coordinator, he managed and expanded services. Having learned through his many roles and with encouragement from Dr. Sadeghi, Vinicio earned a master’s degree in ABA.

Vinicio loves to travel to new places where there’s a beach and plenty of seafood to eat. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball, as well as snorkeling, kayaking, and body surfing. He and his wife volunteer for an organization that provides food and clothing to homeless on Skid Row, and at a non-profit organization that promotes higher education for high school students.

Marina Simonyan

Marina Simonyan

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“Some people can hear you speak a thousand words and not understand you. Others understand without you speaking a word.”

Marina Simonyan understands people, and she is passionate about making positive, lasting changes in the lives of families who have loved ones diagnosed with developmental disabilities. She says, “We help people learn to function as independently as possible in society, and go on to live meaningful lives.” Marina aspires to travel the world, helping families who are affected with autism and related disabilities.

Marina received her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Antioch University. She began her journey 11 years ago, and has been a behavioral therapist, direct staff, program coordinator, and manager of in-home parent training. She earned her BCBA, under the supervision of Dr. Sadeghi, in 2011.

Marina grew up in a household of women that taught her how to be strong, dependable, and independent. She enjoys going to the beach (though she can’t swim!), working out, traveling, and reading crime mysteries.