Caroline Hardman

Caroline Hardman, MA, BCBA,
MBSR Instructor

Director of Clinical Services
California Psychcare

“When we come from a place of love rather than a place of fear, what we can accomplish is boundless.”

Every single day, Caroline Hardman takes action from her heart to accomplish all she can in serving others. She knows first-hand the realities of having family members with special needs, and the challenge of understanding their unique way of interacting with the world. As she does her work, Caroline appreciates the devotion of her teammates as they strive to improve the quality of life for people with special needs and their families.

Caroline comes from a large family and as a child she knew she wanted to work with children when she grew up—and she’s realized that dream. For more than three decades, Caroline has dedicated herself to working with families and children in educational, afterschool, and scientific research settings. She’s also a teacher of Mindfulness practices.

Caroline and her husband have raised chickens for about 8 years. Together they enjoy sitting in the backyard watching their chickens pecking at the grass and coming over to say hello through their wonderful cooing and clucking sounds.