Dr. Lydia Luna

Dr. Lydia Luna

Chief Operating Officer

“We are filling a need in our communities and doing it with a level of compassion that is extraordinary. I feel blessed to be here.”

I’m proud to be the Chief Operating Officer here at 360 Behavioral Health. It is an honor to work alongside such talented and caring individuals. Every day I have the opportunity to see and share in the good work that our teammates provide to the families that trust in our care.

Early in my life, I was mindful of the need for self-care and an intent to provide for each other in mind and body. This led me to join our organization in 2006 as a behavioral instructor while I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from California Lutheran University, followed by a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California.

My clinical experience includes several years in private practice, as well as working with patients at residential level care for substance abuse disorders at Cliffside Malibu. I’ve also treated at-risk youth and families through the wraparound program at Tarzana Treatment Centers, and provided psychotherapy to low-income families at Valley Community Clinic.

Throughout these many years at 360 Behavioral Health, I’ve served in various roles and developed extensive knowledge of internal operations. My clinical background and experience has set me up for my new purpose of building an organization that will expand the care we provide in the areas of autism and related disorders.

I live each day with gratitude. My motto is to be like a deep-rooted tree, who’s roots run so deep, it will weather the storms. I enjoy reading, music, singing, and socializing with family and friends. And I’ve always been attracted to certain earth elements and energies, especially sage, crystals, the ocean and reiki.