Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis

Chief Development Officer

“The challenges our families face every day is huge, and their struggle to provide meaningful care to their loved one, often-times for a lifetime, touches me deeply.”

Thank you for checking in to 360 Behavioral Health! We are busy working to build an extraordinary behavioral healthcare company that delivers coordinated, comprehensive, and compassionate care to those we serve. In my role I work on growing the company through mergers and acquisitions and development into new markets and services.

My team also works to integrate the companies we acquire and partner with into the 360 Behavioral Health family of companies. We are flexible in our approach to working with potential partners, and we strive to find the right structure based on our partner’s needs.

I have worked in healthcare almost my entire career, including working in sales and sales management roles with Baxter, and business development and operations roles at Lifeline Vascular Access, a DaVita owned company, among other jobs.

I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California with my wife and our two dogs. We have two grown children as well, one in San Francisco, California and one in Portland, Oregon. Our happiest times are when we can all get together as a family. My favorite pastime is mountain biking, and I enjoy hiking and skiing as well. And my family would tell you that I am a really big fan of the Dave Matthews Band. I have been known to schedule trips and vacations around going to see their shows!

I joined 360 Behavioral Health to help contribute to making life better for the individuals and families impacted by behavioral health issues. I hope that through our efforts here, we can make this journey a little bit easier, a little more secure, and lighten the load that these clients and families carry. We have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to make a positive difference.