Humberto Saldana, BS

Department Manager
Behavior Respite in Action

“No matter the obstacles along the way, persevere until you reach your goal.”

Humberto Saldana is dedicated to reaching his goal of changing lives for the best, and he perseveres in his work despite any obstacles he encounters. He explains, “There are some things you can’t put a price on, like when a parent can go to the grocery store knowing their child with special needs is at home safe and in good hands.” Working 1:1 in in-home environments and closely with clients and caregivers allows Humberto to fully understand the need for the work he provides.

Following his passion for helping individuals with special needs, Humberto earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology. He has worked as a lead para-educator in a school for students with autism, as well as at a behavioral agency implementing intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

Humberto enjoys traveling to the Pacific Northwest. Although he’s scared of heights, his goal is to go to the top of Seattle’s Space Needle – 605 feet – for panoramic views.