Jacob Castillo

Department Manager
Behavior Respite in Action

“Work in an environment where it’s nature to fill the hearts of others.”

It is in Jacob Castillo’s nature to serve others in a way that resonates with who he is as a person. The bonds he has developed with the kids and families he serves is priceless and gives him a strong sense of purpose knowing that his work has a positive influence on the families and himself.

Jacob is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and he feels strongly that he has found something he truly loves doing. Jacob has been with Behavior Respite in Action for three years and believes his work gives him the opportunity to be of great help to families in need. This field has given Jacob a new perspective on life, and he is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team.

Jacob is very passionate about health and fitness. It’s therapeutic for him and has helped him become more disciplined in all aspects of his life.