Jared Matanane photo

Jared Matanane, BA

Department Manager
Behavior Respite in Action | Respite Works

“You cannot put a price tag on helping families.”

Jared Matanane takes pride in helping families. For Jared, there is one family in particular that really stands out. Jared had the pleasure of working with a young man in that family five days a week, every week. Over time their bond grew very strong. Jared watched this young man learn and grow, and considered him a brother. It was less of a job for Jared, and more of a passion. He was driven to help and see this young man succeed — and Jared says there’s definitely no price tag for that.

Jared began working for Behavior Respite in Action (BRIA) in 2014 as a direct support professional in Monterey Park, and he was eager to help families. As the number of families he served grew, so did Jared’s passion for the field. In 2016 he moved up into the role of program coordinator, supervising cases and staff. Through his continued dedication and hard work, Jared earned a promotion to the position of department manager for Behavior Respite in Action | Respite Works and is currently serving in that role in the Laguna Hills office. Jared is excited to be in this role because it allows him to implement his vision of providing the best services for the clients and families he serves.

While not at work, Jared enjoys spending free time with his family, friends, and his dog. His hobbies include hiking, going to the beach and traveling.