Laura Padilla-Sauber

Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer & Chief Audit Executive

“I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.”
(Winnie the Pooh)

My life journey has been about walking to new places, both in my personal life and in my career. I have devoted nearly 25 years as healthcare professional, and I am proud to have jumped onto a new path here at 360 Behavioral Health.

This organization tugs my heartstrings and fulfills my basic purpose to serve others. I admire the important work this organization does every day to improve the lives of children and families to function more effectively in their home environments, with each other, and in society. And I’m honored to be part of this team.

Prior to joining 360 Behavioral Health, I had a wonderful 16-year adventure as an executive with Kaiser Permanente that included building regional, national, and enterprise-wide ethics, compliance, and privacy programs. I am pleased to be able to do this with 360 Behavioral Health as well.

Personally, I’m blessed with a wonderful and supportive husband, two children ages 8 and 11, and a small, fluffy dog named Luna. Every day they take me to new places helping me grow in mind, body, and spirit – whether it’s another milestone in my marriage, climbing the high ropes with my daughter, or listening to the wisdom of my eight-year old son. When I have time for myself, I enjoy walks, yoga, binge watching my favorite shows, reading, and taking trips with my family.