Monique Aguirre Ramos

Monique Aguirre Ramos, BA

Department Manager
Behavior Respite in Action

“Don’t give up, be patient, and you will see positive outcomes.”

Monique Aguirre Ramos does not give up, and she doesn’t get discouraged when things become difficult. She sees every opportunity as a teaching moment and moves toward a positive direction by building a healthy, therapeutic learning environment where people are challenged to learn every day. Monique is dedicated to achieving positive outcomes.

Monique began her professional journey as a direct support professional with Behavior Respite in Action (BRIA) in 2017. She continually uses the knowledge she has acquired to positively impact the lives of others by implementing safety measures and preventive strategies, and by maintaining active communication with families and clinical teams. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University Northridge, Monique became a BRIA program coordinator (PC), a role that allowed her to connect to a wider range of families. After demonstrating her capabilities as a PC, she was promoted to her current position as BRIA department manager at our Palmdale office. In this role, Monique has the opportunity to connect with and positively impact even more families―and be a great leader and inspiration for her teammates.

In her leisure time, Monique enjoys trying new foods, swimming, hiking, meditating and spending time with loved ones.