Ryan Dixon

Associate Regional Director of Clinical Services
California Psychcare

“I feel so lucky to have a job where I not only get to have fun, but also make a difference in my community!”

Ryan Dixon says he “grew up” with California Psychcare (CPC), where he began working as a young man, and learned many valuable lessons through the family that is now 360 Behavioral Health. He likes to make a difference by providing clinical and personal guidance that affects the lives of everyone he serves.

Ryan is a BCBA with a master’s degree in forensic psychology. He has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for 16 years, including foster care, in-home and community-based intervention, group homes, vocational placement, education, and camps. Currently serving the Northern California region, Ryan is particularly interested in the clinical topics of parent/caregiver training, effective group instruction, transition and vocation skill development for young adults. He also has a keen interest in working with developmentally disabled people dealing with forensic issues such as family reunification, diversion, or disabled offenders.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys cooking and seeing live music and comedy. He has a passion for life and the things that you can’t know about unless you truly experience them through all your senses — that make every day exciting!