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We know that becoming a BCBA is not easy. The journey takes time, drive and commitment. You’ve completed a master’s level education, specific coursework unique to the certification and 1500+ hours of supervised experience in the field… all prior to successfully passing the BCBA exam.

Now that you’ve achieved this major milestone, what’s next?

When you join us as a BCBA, we’re as committed as you are to your professional journey and your continued growth and development.

Our standard benefits package includes:

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Paid Holidays & PTO & Sick Leave
  • Medical / Dental / Vision Benefits
  • Employer sponsored life insurance
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Student Loan Repayment
Assistance / Refinancing

If repaying your student loan is at the top of your list, you’ll be happy to hear that when you join our organization, we can help you achieve your goal. Our student loan refinancing program can help you consolidate multiple student loans together at a competitive rate, which makes repayment easier to manage. And with our student loan repayment assistance program, we’ll help you pay off your loan through a generous contribution of $250 every month or $3000 annually. As long as you remain employed with us, this contribution is paid directly to your student loan provider and applied toward your principal loan amount until your loan is paid off.

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Continuous Growth
and Advancement

When we say GROW WITH US, we mean it!
Here’s how:

Care Across The Lifespan
Because we serve kids, adolescents, young adults, adults and seniors who are impacted by autism and other conditions that interfere with daily living, your experience with us is sure to be varied and robust. This broad exposure will nurture your professional growth.

Collegial & Collaborative Environment
With around 100 BCBAs that are part of our organization, you’ll find yourself surrounded by colleagues who are eager to share their knowledge. You become part of a community of amazing professionals that help you continue to develop your skills. Your journey exposes you to new ideas, fresh perspectives and different approaches that create tremendous opportunities to add to the tools in your toolbox.

Your Path to Success

Depending on your interests, your dedication and your drive, your career path might look something like this.

  • In this entry level BCBA role, you are on the front-line providing care to our clients. You create, individualize, maintain, evaluate and supervise ABA programs and a team of behavior interventionists. You conduct training, build best practices and support caseloads for your site. Known for your great people skills, you literally “run the show” while interacting with our kiddos and their families weekly.

  • Taking the next step, you join our clinical leadership team and you “own” your site. You bring your experience as a BCBA professional to the table as you take responsibility for the site’s caseload. You support your Clinical Supervisors, Behavior Interventionists and others as they deliver care to our clients. You consult with your team on best practices and company standards, provide training in ABA therapy tools, and drive outreach events and presentations with referral sources and the community at large to support new client referrals and growth for your location.

  • Moving up to the next level of clinical leadership, you are responsible for multiple sites as you provide support and guidance to teams across an entire region. You are instrumental in creating continuity and standardization across the system. Your focus is on building an environment that fosters great care. You identify needs and understand barriers to growth as you develop solution-based approaches that create value for our organization while enhancing outcomes for our clients.

  • In this next step, you join our executive leadership team. You have responsibility across the entire enterprise and provide support and guidance to teams across the organization. You help guide our company toward its mission and vision, you drive growth and you improve our operations as you continue to develop solution-based approaches that create value for our organization while enhancing outcomes for our clients.

Multiple Locations Means Multiplied Opportunities
With 22 locations throughout Southern California, the opportunity to advance to higher level positions – with more challenge and more responsibility – are much greater than what you might experience working at an agency with one or just a few locations.

How can this work?
Let’s say you’ve been working as a Clinical Supervisor in one of our centers in the Los Angeles area. You’ve grown and developed, and you are ready to advance into an Assistant Director of Clinical Services role. The center you’re working at may not have an Assistant Director spot open right now, but with five other locations in the Los Angeles area, there may be an opportunity to advance by transferring to one of our other centers just a few miles away.

If you’re up for an even greater adventure, you could also consider transferring to a location further away… perhaps to San Diego, San Luis Obispo, or Laguna Hills… and have a totally different experience. Our multiple locations truly means multiplied opportunities, and as we grow as an organization, your opportunity for growth and advancement is even greater.

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CEU Support

Once you become a BCBA, you must complete 32 units of acceptable continuing education every two years as part of your recertification process. To help you complete this requirement, we’ve established our own 360 Behavioral Health University.

Relevant and very valuable classroom-based continuing education sessions are offered to our BCBAs – free of charge – through 360 Behavioral Health University. Sessions are offered every other month and are conducted in locations convenient to our local treatment centers. That translates into plenty of opportunities to complete the necessary units, and you are compensated for the time you spend in class.

All our CEU eligible courses are conducted by an ACE certified Behavior Analyst Certification Board Authorized Continuing Education Provider, and are conducted according to ACE guidelines, so your CEUs are recognized and easy to record and verify. All this makes your bi-annual recertification as simple as possible.

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Annual Bonus Plan

We know you work hard taking great care of the individuals and families you serve, and we want to reward and recognize your efforts. That’s why we’ve established an Annual Bonus Plan for our BCBA professionals.

As a BCBA working as a Clinical Supervisor, you work with your clinical team and are assigned a baseline of billable hours you need to fulfill every month. The baseline is established for your specific location and is based on various factors that affect your site. For every billable hour you provide after the baseline is met, you receive a $25 bonus. So, if your baseline is 110 billable hours and you complete 130 billable hours for the month, your bonus is $500 (130-110 x $25). This bonus is paid quarterly, up to a maximum of $5,000 per quarter.

For our BCBAs in leadership roles, the annual bonus is a percentage of base salary.

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Auto & Phone Allowance

To help offset costs for company-related travel in your personal automobile and company-related communications conducted on your personal mobile device(s), we offer a $200 monthly auto allowance ($2,400 annually) and a $50 monthly technology allowance ($600 annually). These stipends are paid bi-weekly.