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Infant Development & Early Intervention
Red Flags for Autism 460 314 bh360

Red Flags for Autism

Roxana Rabadi, PsyD, LCP

There is no greater joy than watching your baby develop as a little person, hearing them laugh and babble, and seeing them explore their surroundings. Some babies take a little longer than others to achieve expected milestones, from crawling to feeding themselves, and that’s not necessarily a problem; children develop at their own pace. But there are specific behaviors that can be indicative of a developmental disability such as autism.

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Returning to School
Help for Families with Kids with Autism as School Resumes 460 306 bh360

Help for Families with Kids with Autism as School Resumes

David Yim, MA and Junxiang (Mark) Hao, BA

Many parents of children with autism are struggling to manage their own work or other responsibilities while their child is attending school virtually. Various services are available, including state-funded services available through local regional centers. Communicating with the service coordinator is key to accessing services.

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little girl making thumbs up in front of a monitor with video call
Social Skills Development for Kids with Autism During COVID-19 460 306 bh360

Social Skills Development for Kids with Autism During COVID-19

Melina Barragan, MS, BCBA and Lilian Hernandez, MS, BCBA

Socials skills are essential to establish and maintain healthy social relationships. Kids with autism sometimes struggle with their social skills. Dealing with social distancing during COVID-19 is making social skills development more challenging. Telehealth has evolved as a new platform to help kids advance their social skills development.

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