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We know that becoming a BCBA is not easy. The journey takes time, drive and commitment. You’ll need to complete a master’s level education, specific coursework unique to the certification and 1500+ hours of supervised experience in the field… all prior to successfully passing the BCBA exam.

The good news is that when you are part of our organization, we’re just as dedicated as you are… and we provide you with the help and support you need – every step of the way!

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Gaining Valuable Experience as

If you’ve received your high school diploma or your bachelor’s degree*, or if you are working to complete your bachelor’s or master’s program, you can begin your journey toward becoming a BCBA by gaining valuable experience as a Behavior Interventionist (BI).

In this entry level role, you work side-by-side with skilled and very knowledgeable clinicians as you interact directly with patients to gain hands-on exposure to the world of applied behavior analysis (ABA)- based therapy. With flexible scheduling and other perks, this is a terrific position to hold while you are pursuing your academic endeavors.



  • Clinical experience and hands-on exposure to the world of ABA therapy
  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical / Dental / Vision benefits
  • Paid holidays
  • Auto & phone allowance
  • Student loan refinancing program
  • Flexible schedule

*Either a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree are required to provide services to our clients. Each funding source has unique minimum education standards, so your placement on cases will be determined based on those standards.

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Growing & Developing as a

If you’ve earned your master’s degree or are enrolled in a master’s program and are working to complete additional requirements necessary to become a BCBA, you can continue your growth and development as a Program Coordinator.

Grow through...

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Grow through

As a Program Coordinator, you work under the direction of a BCBA to provide support to those who are impacted by autism or other conditions that interfere with daily living. This experience is incredibly valuable and the hours you work can count toward the 1500+ hours of supervised experience you need to complete to become a BCBA. You oversee the ABA services delivered by our Behavior Interventionists, so you also build and develop your supervisory skills along the way.

But with us, the experience is even better! With 22 locations across Southern California, access to around 100 BCBAs in our organization who are eager to mentor colleagues who are studying to become a BCBA, and the opportunity to work with individuals across the lifespan, the experience you gain is varied and very robust. With all this exposure, you’re sure to figure out your passion and your niche in the field.

Specifically, in this role you are involved with:

  • Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments for new clients
  • Conducting Functional Analyses
  • Developing and implementing treatment plans
  • Developing data collection systems
  • Conducting Interobserver Agreement (IOA)
  • Providing supervision to Behavior Interventionist
  • Participating in staff development
  • Providing on-going parent training
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Grow through

To augment your hands-on training, we also provide you with access to in-house classroom-based training through our own 360 Behavioral Health University. Sessions offered through the 360 Behavioral Health University are designed to provide the CEUs you need once you become a BCBA, but we know this training is valuable even before you reach that milestone. So, we open up these special sessions to our Program Coordinators whenever seats are available.

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Grow through

We are as serious about your success as you are, so we take extra measures to help you prepare for your BCBA exam. We supply your study materials, and we provide study preparation and support. And once you pass your exam, we reimburse your exam fees. Once you become a BCBA, you are ready for the next step in your journey: working as a Clinical Supervisor.



  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical / Dental / Vision benefits
  • Paid holidays & PTO
  • Supervised hours
  • Exam materials & exam preparation
  • Auto & phone allowance
  • Robust in-house training / 360 Behavioral Health University
  • Student loan refinancing program