Santa Clarita

Bianca Reyes

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“Positivity, confidence and persistence are key in life, so never give up on yourself!”

Bianca Reyes is a person who never gives up, and values the collaboration of other professionals that are as eager as she is about making a difference in the world. She is passionate about expressing the raw emotions of human interaction through fluid conversations.

Bianca has a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and loves meeting new people. She enjoys expanding her skills set and stepping outside her comfort zone. Working in an educational setting—with positivity, confidence and persistence—has helped shape who she is today as well as her future endeavors.

In her spare time Bianca enjoy traveling and spending time with her loved ones.


Melissa Febo

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“In life and in our work, you get back what you put into it.”

Melissa Febo puts a lot into her work – a job she believes is important, meaningful, and rewarding. Melissa explains, “What we do impacts people’s lives, and it is a privilege to be able to do so. This is much more than a job…it is a passion, this is my dream job.”

Melissa started her journey in 2007 and fell in love with the field. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at California State University Northridge, as well as her BCBA.

According to Melissa, she’s obsessed with her “dog children,” Cannon and Avery.

Marina Simonyan

Marina Simonyan

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“Some people can hear you speak a thousand words and not understand you. Others understand without you speaking a word.”

Marina Simonyan understands people, and she is passionate about making positive, lasting changes in the lives of families who have loved ones diagnosed with developmental disabilities. She says, “We help people learn to function as independently as possible in society, and go on to live meaningful lives.” Marina aspires to travel the world, helping families who are affected with autism and related disabilities.

Marina received her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Antioch University. She began her journey 11 years ago, and has been a behavioral therapist, direct staff, program coordinator, and manager of in-home parent training. She earned her BCBA, under the supervision of Dr. Sadeghi, in 2011.

Marina grew up in a household of women that taught her how to be strong, dependable, and independent. She enjoys going to the beach (though she can’t swim!), working out, traveling, and reading crime mysteries.

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Yelba Diaz

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“Listen actively and your solutions are endless.”

Yelba Diaz loves to find solutions that improve the quality of life for families and their future. She explains, “The problem behaviors that we manage today can open doors to so many other opportunities for integration into their community. My experience with the families we support has been invaluable.”

Yelba earned her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. Working with BRIA helped her acquire new skills and discover her passion for problem-solving and inspiring others to make a change. Yelba is pursuing a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis and her BCBA.

Yelba enjoys cooking, exercising, traveling, and spending time with her family.