Devin Berger

Devin Berger, MA, BCBA

Director of Clinical Services
360 Behavioral Health

“ABA fosters a person’s individual self while teaching the skills for them to succeed in a social environment.”

Devin is passionate about using the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to foster growth and learning through individualized plans that promote success for children— which requires consistent observation and a keen understanding of human behavior. She makes powerful changes in the lives of individuals and their families, and for Devin there is no greater gratification.

Devin holds a Master of Teaching degree with an emphasis on ABA from National University and has over seven years of experience working with children and adults of autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Dedicated to this journey, Devin earned her Board-Certified Behavior Analysis (“BCBA”) certification in 2018.

Devin enjoys spending time with her husband and son by exploring the outdoors and traveling to new places. Her favorite activities are boating and camping.