Maria Sanchez, MA, BCBA

Co-Director of Clinical Services
California Psychcare

“Love what you do every day and you won’t have to work a day in your life.”

Maria Sanchez loves what she does, and uses her skills in Applied Behavior Analysis to improve the quality of life of the families she serves. She has helped people learn how to talk when they were nonverbal, how to read, how to self-toilet and other personal hygiene essentials, how to attend community college, and much more. Reflecting on her accomplishments, Maria says, “I once taught a client who is blind how to tie his shoes, cook simple meals, and make small purchases out in the community.”

Maria attended UCLA as a Melinda & Bill Gates Scholar, where she was the campus-based leader and attended several leadership meetings around the U.S. representing UCLA. She attended Arizona State University for her master’s degree, started her career as a behavior interventionist in 2014, and was promoted to positions of supervisor, clinical coordinator, and to her current position as director of clinical services. In 2017, Maria obtained her BCBA.

Maria has a passion for traveling. She and her husband have traveled around the United States, Spain, England, England, Italy, France, and Czech Republic.